Celia Zusman creates modern artwork that is unique and enchanting as she masterfully combines styles, eras and messages into her pieces. Her work is vast and diverse but tends to divide into three categories: abstract shapes, figures and busts. As a native of Peru, she pays homage to her land by incorporating cultural elements into her art. For instance, the sculpture titled “Preparing Mate” depicts an indigenous woman preparing the traditional South American infused drink. Her work also shares a sense of mystery, as the message conveyed in the pieces is never explicit, but rather suggestive and highly poetic.

Celia’s art is very particular and of great surrealism, with underlying expressionist tendencies and a persistent originality. Through her art, Celia cultivates an abstract language in an attempt to transform the world and embellish it.  As Henry Moore once commented, “abstract means that you are getting closer to reality, away from a visual interpretation, but nearer to an emotional understanding. It can mean you are trying to consider, but not simply to copy nature.”

Celia’s pieces have a timeless quality about them and are metaphorically comparable to the general and mental state of the world in which we live, its constant flow and change. In her work, she consistently seeks harmonization that reflects an extraordinary freedom of expression and great technical dominion.

Her sculptures are dynamic and often reveal an aesthetic playfulness, such as one of her latest pieces, “Metamorphosis” that engages the observer by allowing him or her to partake in the creative process: the sculpture consists of three abstract shapes that may be combined together as a puzzle in various fashions. Every sculpture that Celia designs and creates in her studio in Miami encourages a dialogue between the observers and the piece observed, making it possible for them to contemplate their own intimate world fused with hers.
Source: Iberoamericana

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